Your Culinary Questions

My friend Amy asked me if there was a way to ask general questions about cooking and baking, so I’m experimenting with “pages” to see how it will work.  Post a question about cooking, baking or other culinary conundrums, and I will give you my best answer!



5 responses to “Your Culinary Questions

  1. Minnie

    Both of my sisters have a friend and each has tried numerous times to make almond toffee without success. They were amazed when my sisters told them how delicious mine was (I made two batches based on your blog recipe). Do you have any ideas on why they consistently fail, both state they follow the recipe exactly and use a thermometer to bring to the right temperature. One person is trying to re-create her mother’s recipe (I would love to help her as she lost her mother 2 years ago). Any ideas? Dare to review the recipes? One person tried your recipe and it still failed. I know they must be missing a critical step but have no idea as to which one it could be. Given this was my first time to make toffee and that I had success both times, they think I’m an expert (not!).

    • What kind of “fail” is it? Doesn’t set, is too grainy, burns, etc.? My failed batches are either a texture or taste problem. Success for me is using a very heavy bottom pot so the sugar and butter cook evenly. Then it’s a question of stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves and the bubbling begins, then only infrequently after that. I don’t add the almonds until the the “blond” stage has really set in, because adding the almonds drops the temperature so much. I also NEVER make toffee when there’s a lot of humidity; the moisture in the air affects the texture. Supposedly you can cook it to a higher temp, but I don’t even want to try that.

      Let me know how they’re having problems– there’s always something to adjust!

  2. cookingwithsapana

    Hi ! I have nominated you for Liebester Award ! Congrats !!!

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