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A New Pasta Dish For The Family!

My Cook’s Illustrated arrived this week and, buoyed up with my mountain of pillows, I plopped on top of our bed for my bi-monthly treat.  Continue reading

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ATC/CI White Chili With Chicken

I really thought I had already written a post on how to make this yummy chili, but alas, I had only referenced it in a post about our fall camping trip.   Continue reading

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My Panic Attacks With Tres Leches Cake (Or What Happens When You Doubt A Cook’s Illustrated Recipe)

My husband Kurt has an extreme predilection for tres leches cake.  Continue reading


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Testing Shepherd’s Pie from Cook’s Illustrated

My sister Tina, my BFF Grace and I exchange Christmas lists sometime in November; this year, I asked for a subscription to Cook’s IllustratedContinue reading


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