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Paneer Butter Masala

Last week I went with my husband to his company’s awards dinner.  Continue reading



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Baby Steps to Indian Cuisine: Jacki’s Red Lentil Dal

When I learned that several of my mommies had never tried Indian dishes, I thought it would be good to do another Indian dish here.  Continue reading


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“You Girls Were Cackling Away So Long That I Couldn’t Fall Asleep!”

Thus said my husband Kurt this morning.  I totally forgot that he was getting up early (for a Sunday) to go hiking out by Front Royal.  Oops.  The moms were here really late last night…even Ken said he expected “to see some of them asleep at the dining room table,” because we were still going strong when the guys went to bed. Continue reading

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Prepping for the First Mommy Dinner of 2013!

When I initially sent out my email reminder to the mommies this month, several immediately responded that they couldn’t make it.  I was slightly distressed because my neighbor Penny, whom everyone has missed over the last few months, was coming. Continue reading


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