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Salmon Mousse from the 80’s…And More to Come!

It’s hard to believe I haven’t blogged in a few days; it feels ludicrous to say I’ve been busy because my only work is to take care of my family.  Challenging, but a far cry from working full-time AND taking care of my family. Continue reading

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Taste and Convenience Test: High-end vs. Low-end Chocolate Mousse

Grace emailed me a few weeks ago that she made blender chocolate mousse that required no cooking.  Yet it was made with eggs.  Hmm.  Continue reading

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New Year’s Pork Roast with Barley

My people hail from the Philippines; we eat noodle dishes on New Year’s Day.  Long noodles = Long life.  Kurt’s family roots are German and  they brought the animal theme to the New Year’s meal:  “Chickens scratch backwards, cows stand still and pigs push forward (i.e., with their snout).”  Continue reading



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The Triple Hit Molasses Spice Cookies and the Last Minute Christmas Menu Lobbying Effort

I’ve been busy over the last few days– another batch of toffee because I felt the first one was overcooked, not even close to burnt, yet just a bit shy of perfect.  When I mentioned this to Grace, she said “I’ve had what you think is botched toffee and it’s fine, but go ahea and give it to Kurt for his work.  Continue reading


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Holiday Baking Day 1 – the “Angel” Cookies

Yes, I bake early and freeze my treats.  I realize this is anathema to some baking and foodie purists, but I like to have goodies on hand when people call to stop by for a visit– an event whose occurrence increases by an order of magnitude during the last month of the year!  Continue reading

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