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Move Over Hummus– It’s Muhammara Time!

My husband Kurt and mom LOVE hummus, and I make it at home for many reasons, e.g.,  it’s easy to do (if you have a food processor) and Continue reading

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Fall Fare for the Old Guard and My Guys: Magret Duck Breasts

I love the fall.  The cool, crisp weather, despite periods of rain, marks the advent of car camping, cozy fires and a return to more substantial meals. Continue reading


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Fourth-of-July Fare: The Best Potato Salad

One of the dishes I made for my June Mommy Dinner was potato salad.  Continue reading


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Coconut Cream Pie Bars from Foodie (and Wine) Friend Lee!

I met my friend Lee through her best friend Andy whom I met decades ago when my hospital was installing his company’s software.   Andy once organized a wine trip through Napa for eight of us which involved multiple wine tour stops per day and traveling around in a big white van– but that’s another blog post… Continue reading

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French Bread Part 1: Pate Fermentee

This month’s mommy dinner was Saturday, an early kick-off for Mother’s Day!  Continue reading


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New Orleans Bread Pudding With Whiskey Sauce For Margo Who Showed Me How To Cook The Creamiest Grits Evah!

I had the best intentions of blogging at least a few of the recipes from this month’s Mommy Dinner because it was New Orleans fare!  Continue reading


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