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Altered Alton Brown Turkey Tamales

Today my son failed to wake up with his alarm; he says it didn’t go off, but he had a busy schedule yesterday after school with a 2-hour make-up art class and riding lesson.  I offered to drive him to school and on the way back, I stopped off at the Asian market to pick up the masa and corn husks (interestingly, Continue reading


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Recipe Testing for You and Me: Make-It-Your-Own Turkey Pasta Dish and Ritz Crackers

I was all set to make turkey tamales today; I use the Alton Brown recipe, but I’m hoping one day my sister’s good friend Mariela will show me how to make them authentically.  I had already determined that Continue reading

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Mrs. C’s Leftover Turkey Gumbo – in celebration of Carol

Tina and I grew up in upper NW DC; it’s a very nice area of the city with old trees and all-brick homes.  When my Penn friends would come down to visit (the inauguration of Reagan comes to mind or the Fourth of July), they never failed to comment on how they couldn’t believe our neighborhood was “part of the city– it looks like the suburbs!”  Our neighbors were a mix Continue reading


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