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“You Girls Were Cackling Away So Long That I Couldn’t Fall Asleep!”

Thus said my husband Kurt this morning.  I totally forgot that he was getting up early (for a Sunday) to go hiking out by Front Royal.  Oops.  The moms were here really late last night…even Ken said he expected “to see some of them asleep at the dining room table,” because we were still going strong when the guys went to bed. Continue reading


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A Day with My Mom…No Cooking Needed!

Today I spent the day with my mom. I know I spend every day with my mom; she’s lived with us for a few years.

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Moms’ Dinner Night Still Going Strong as We Reach Our First Year!

On the second Saturday of the month, I host a Moms’ Dinner.  The event fulfills so many of my passions– entertaining my friends, planning meals and of course, cooking.  (I’m not joking about my passion for entertaining; Kurt went along– or maybe I dragged him– with an entire first floor renovation where we switched around rooms so I could bring in Continue reading


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