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Part 3: Variation On A Theme – Nutella Panna Cotta – Better (very) Late Than Never!

The first time I had Nutella was in 1978 in the south of France when I was 15 years old.  THIRTY-SEVEN years ago.  Continue reading


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Polar Vortex, Reprise and REAL Chicken Pot Pie

It’s cold again around the nation’s capital, yet my crazy son Ken wears just a sweatshirt hoodie and walks gloveless out to the bus stop. Continue reading


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Homemade Ricotta And A Cool Crostini Spread

For Father’s Day, I signed up Kurt for a cheese-making class at Sur La Table.  Continue reading

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Part 2: First Variation On The Theme – Coffee Panna Cotta

Although I’m a traditionalist about my panna cotta, I am open to trying something new.  Continue reading


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Part 1: The Theme – Italian Panna Cotta, Vanilla– With Variations To Follow

With all the classical music I’ve heard over the past two weeks, I decided to write about variations on a theme.  Continue reading


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My Panic Attacks With Tres Leches Cake (Or What Happens When You Doubt A Cook’s Illustrated Recipe)

My husband Kurt has an extreme predilection for tres leches cake.  Continue reading


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