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A New Week: International Day And Cabbage Rolls

Last week was a bust for blogging and activities of daily living.  Continue reading



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New Orleans Bread Pudding With Whiskey Sauce For Margo Who Showed Me How To Cook The Creamiest Grits Evah!

I had the best intentions of blogging at least a few of the recipes from this month’s Mommy Dinner because it was New Orleans fare!  Continue reading


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For Aileen: Olive Oil Rosemary Parmesan Crackers– Now That’s A Mouthful!

Since I haven’t created a FB page for this blog, I always post a FB status when I’ve published a blog post.  Most of my friends post comments about the blog post on my page instead of on the blog, and I get a lot of good ideas from them. Continue reading

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Cheesy Baked Farro For The Snowquester

Last night, Ken eagerly performed all his usual snow rituals:  flushing ice down the toilet, wearing his pajamas inside out.  Yet, by bedtime, there was still no snow nor any emails from the school system. Continue reading

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The Other Vacherin

I spent the first years of elementary school enrolled in a French school.  Continue reading


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Pot Roast and Popovers

The area forecast warns of heavy snowfall for Wednesday; I’m debating whether or not to stock up for the potential Snowmegeddon or just wing it since the last few forecasts have been terribly incorrect.  Continue reading

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