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And for those, like my husband, who need “a recipe” in order to cook…

I’ve realized the last few posts are better suited for experienced cooks who are comfortable “throwing” together ingredients, familiar with what herbs complement different meats and vegetables, and most of all, don’t panic about not following a recipe line by line.  So this time, I’m back to using a recipe as my base because I do want Continue reading



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So long Sandy, Hello Halloween!

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.  I have missed posting, but when I don’t cook anything, there’s not much to post…

Til now.  We here in Northern Virginia were bombarded with “Get Ready for Hurricane Sandy!” messages since Friday.  I originally thought the storm was going to hit over the weekend, potentially ruining our family’s plan Continue reading

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Just for Amy…plus a nod to Minnie!

Today I decided to make a canned-soup-and-mayo recipe just for Amy, since she asked.  I’ve known Amy since I was nine– which means for 40 years.  She was my first friend when I moved from a private co-ed French school to a private all-girls Catholic school run by an order of sisters.  She claims she is a hopeless cook, but Continue reading

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Emergency Food…again

My latest drug cocktail of Zyrtec and Flonase, prescribed by a licensed MD, rather than my retired 80 year old mother, is not working.  Ugh.  I am utterly sleep-deprived.  Alas the boys and my mom still have to eat, and although Kurt is a very good cook Continue reading


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DANGER, Will Robinson!

I posted the title above on my Facebook account because this afternoon I made these to-die-for S’mores Bars.  I wasn’t planning to blog about them, because it’s a ridiculously easy dessert, but they are so good, that I’ll include the recipe here as well as a photo.  Continue reading

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The Kitchen Has Re-opened…

THE WEEK FROM HELL.  That “cold” that led to Ken’s making the sour cream noodle bake turned into a non-stop barrage of coughing by Tuesday night.  To the point that I was creating my own OTC drug cocktails of Delsym, Tylenol, and Mucinex in an attempt to get some sleep.  All to no avail; Continue reading


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