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A Mid-Summer Day: Roller Coasters and Blackberry Pie for My Two Guys!

Today, my husband Kurt took our son Ken to King’s Dominion, the big amusement park here in the DMV (that’s District, Maryland and Virginia for those not from these parts). Continue reading


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An Atypical Pasta Primavera

Remember the many boxes of pasta I bought on sale a few weeks ago?  Continue reading

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Fourth-of-July Fare: The Best Potato Salad

One of the dishes I made for my June Mommy Dinner was potato salad.  Continue reading


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Celebrating Summer One Last Time

The beginning of the week is always hectic since my son’s extracurricular activities are scheduled every Monday (art), Tuesday (riding) and Wednesday (violin).  It’s a given that I’m going to follow one of three paths:  1) assemble a casserole of pre-cooked ingredients earlier in the day that I can toss in the oven, 2) reheat a forgotten frozen leftover that displays signs of imminent freezer burn or 3) order pizza/chinese.  If I’m totally desperate for something “homemade,”  it’ll be breakfast-as-dinner. Continue reading



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