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The Musical Musketeers and Butternut Squash Risotto

So many posts, so little time…and I’m a SAH mom.  Continue reading


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Homemade Ricotta And A Cool Crostini Spread

For Father’s Day, I signed up Kurt for a cheese-making class at Sur La Table.  Continue reading

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A Meatball Recipe For Grace and Katherine

OOPS!  Sorry for the premature post (I hit publish without any pix)!  Clearly, I am tired… Continue reading


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An Atypical Pasta Primavera

Remember the many boxes of pasta I bought on sale a few weeks ago?  Continue reading

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Pasta Ponza from Giada – An Easy, Light Pasta Dish, Perfect for Summer

Today is a busy day.  I’m taking Ken out of school early so we can see our school pyramid’s art show; one of his drawings was selected.  Continue reading

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My March Madness and Take-A-Breather Stuffed Shells

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over two weeks; the volume of activity, particularly kiddie-related planning, has been relentless.

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