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Cheese, Please!

On Christmas, I served homemade pate’ de campagne– a chunky flavorful pork-fest.  By pork-fest, I mean ground pork, finely minced bacon, and strips of ham steak, all mixed together with seasonings and a good glug of cognac, then packed into a loaf pan, lined with– what else?– strips of bacon.  Continue reading


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Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Microwave Peanut Butter Fudge

Last night Kurt and I went to see the Reduced Shakespeare’s “Ultimate Christmas” show at Reston Community Center with Katherine and Jacki (two of my high school friends and members of the Mommy Dinner Club) and Jacki’s husband John.  It was the first time Continue reading


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Emergency Food…again

My latest drug cocktail of Zyrtec and Flonase, prescribed by a licensed MD, rather than my retired 80 year old mother, is not working.  Ugh.  I am utterly sleep-deprived.  Alas the boys and my mom still have to eat, and although Kurt is a very good cook Continue reading


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