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Polar Vortex, Reprise and REAL Chicken Pot Pie

It’s cold again around the nation’s capital, yet my crazy son Ken wears just a sweatshirt hoodie and walks gloveless out to the bus stop. Continue reading


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My Own Taco Soup WITHOUT the Packaged Seasoning!

I just can’t write about baking any more, even though I still have a few cookies to make– the rest of the sugar cookies for Ken and Grace to frost when she’s here, bourbon balls for my brother-in-law Jeff, more anise un-puffs and amaretti cookies (if I can find the brand of almond paste I like– the one in the can, not the plastic-wrapped tube like pre-cooked polenta– YUCK). Continue reading


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Chicken and Dumplings, Jeff-style

The problem with commercial chickens is that they are raised REALLY big.  I guess that’s fine if you have a large family, but the 5 pound roaster I bought from the store because I didn’t put in my winter chicken order with my Chicken Man, leaves me with a lot of leftover meat.  Continue reading


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