Hello world!

Leave it to programmers to default a blogger’s first post to “Hello world!”  I guess it’s their version of an inside joke, so I’ll keep it.  If you don’t get it, don’t worry and savor the bliss of not living your life surrounded by the minutiae of coding logic as I once was, many (professional) lives ago.

Today, I’m an (almost) 50 year old retired-exec-turned-SAH-mom with a tweenie son and a (much) younger husband (he’s the real geek in the family, but cute in a Ryan Philippe way).  So you could say I was a cougar, although I don’t come close to a Demi Moore body– hence the blog title.  What I really am is a recovering workaholic and in my attempt not to turn into the ultimate Tiger Mom (and on the repeated advice of my BFF– “you’ve got to find something else to do than micromanaging your kid”), I decided to blog.

My trifecta of happiness revolves around Family, Friends and Food.  So that’s what I’ll write about on this blog.  Hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I’ll enjoy writing!



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4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Katherine

    Great start! I look forward to reading more

  2. Amy

    Wow, Ria. I had forgotten how much fun it is to read your writings. Reading your posts here reminds me of being back in Dunblane and listening to you read aloud the mesmerizing essay you whipped up, in mere moments I am sure, the night before. I was always awestruck at how easily the thoughts seemed to flow from your imagination to the paper. I will continue to enjoy them here!

    BTW – Would you be open to answering cooking questions? You could title a section something like…Idiots in the Kitchen.

    • Thanks, Amy! This is all so I stop obsessing about Ken :-). Yeah, that’s a cool idea about a question section– I have to figure out how to do it first!

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