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“You Girls Were Cackling Away So Long That I Couldn’t Fall Asleep!”

Thus said my husband Kurt this morning.  I totally forgot that he was getting up early (for a Sunday) to go hiking out by Front Royal.  Oops.  The moms were here really late last night…even Ken said he expected “to see some of them asleep at the dining room table,” because we were still going strong when the guys went to bed. Continue reading

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Just for Amy…plus a nod to Minnie!

Today I decided to make a canned-soup-and-mayo recipe just for Amy, since she asked.  I’ve known Amy since I was nine– which means for 40 years.  She was my first friend when I moved from a private co-ed French school to a private all-girls Catholic school run by an order of sisters.  She claims she is a hopeless cook, but Continue reading

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I’m Hungry!

You know how the experts tell you not to go shopping when you’re hungry? (BTW, there’s actually a hormone called grehlin that makes you hungry and simultaneously focuses you on food to the exclusion of any other distraction).  The corollary for cooks is “Do not surf your Pinterest ‘Recipes I Want to Try!’ board when you’re hungry.”  I must have printed a dozen recipes off my board today just before lunch.  Continue reading


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