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New Orleans Bread Pudding With Whiskey Sauce For Margo Who Showed Me How To Cook The Creamiest Grits Evah!

I had the best intentions of blogging at least a few of the recipes from this month’s Mommy Dinner because it was New Orleans fare!  Continue reading


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Salmon Mousse from the 80’s…And More to Come!

It’s hard to believe I haven’t blogged in a few days; it feels ludicrous to say I’ve been busy because my only work is to take care of my family.  Challenging, but a far cry from working full-time AND taking care of my family. Continue reading

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“You Girls Were Cackling Away So Long That I Couldn’t Fall Asleep!”

Thus said my husband Kurt this morning.  I totally forgot that he was getting up early (for a Sunday) to go hiking out by Front Royal.  Oops.  The moms were here really late last night…even Ken said he expected “to see some of them asleep at the dining room table,” because we were still going strong when the guys went to bed. Continue reading

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Prepping for the First Mommy Dinner of 2013!

When I initially sent out my email reminder to the mommies this month, several immediately responded that they couldn’t make it.  I was slightly distressed because my neighbor Penny, whom everyone has missed over the last few months, was coming. Continue reading


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Moms’ Dinner Night Still Going Strong as We Reach Our First Year!

On the second Saturday of the month, I host a Moms’ Dinner.  The event fulfills so many of my passions– entertaining my friends, planning meals and of course, cooking.  (I’m not joking about my passion for entertaining; Kurt went along– or maybe I dragged him– with an entire first floor renovation where we switched around rooms so I could bring in Continue reading


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Why Are You Acting So Cray Cray?

It’s not that I don’t want to blog every day.  It’s not that I don’t have some story about food or my family to share.  It’s just the convergence of ill-timed events that ultimately preclude my getting any time in front of my laptop.  Not that these aren’t good events, mind you, they just startle me out of my routine of cooking and writing. Continue reading

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