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Eye your Portions

I was taking a break from de-Christmasing and I think this is a great post about portion control– additional tips on managing portion size. It’s from the same blogger, Cindy, who gave me the information about the portion control tools.


Clean & Green Nutrition

Healthy eating includes making healthful food choices, which means knowing what and how much you eat.  Picture in your mind what a plate of spaghetti looks like. That is a portion. You decided how much you put on your plate. According to the dietary guidelines, a serving of cooked pasta is a half-cup. Picture that plate again… is there just a half-cup of spaghetti on your plate?

A “portion” is the amount of a food you choose to eat at any one time. Portions can be bigger or smaller than a serving. A “serving” is a unit of measure for the amount of food recommended that you consume.  A serving can be things like one slice of bread or 1/2 cup of pasta.

By reading the Nutrition Facts panel, you can compare different food products, make wise choices, and get an idea of what and how much you are consuming.


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Adjusting to a Healthier Diet and Some Foods My Family and I Will NEVER Give Up…

At the last Mommy Dinner, we landed on the topic of bacon.  I learned that every mom in attendance cooks bacon by microwaving it.


Bacon (Photo credit: Martin Cathrae)

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