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A Mid-Summer Day: Roller Coasters and Blackberry Pie for My Two Guys!

Today, my husband Kurt took our son Ken to King’s Dominion, the big amusement park here in the DMV (that’s District, Maryland and Virginia for those not from these parts). Continue reading


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Part 2: First Variation On The Theme – Coffee Panna Cotta

Although I’m a traditionalist about my panna cotta, I am open to trying something new.  Continue reading


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Part 1: The Theme – Italian Panna Cotta, Vanilla– With Variations To Follow

With all the classical music I’ve heard over the past two weeks, I decided to write about variations on a theme.  Continue reading


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My First German Chocolate Cake For My Sister Tina

I’ve mentioned in the past that I am the family birthday cake baker. Continue reading

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Coconut Cream Pie Bars from Foodie (and Wine) Friend Lee!

I met my friend Lee through her best friend Andy whom I met decades ago when my hospital was installing his company’s software.   Andy once organized a wine trip through Napa for eight of us which involved multiple wine tour stops per day and traveling around in a big white van– but that’s another blog post… Continue reading

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The Other Vacherin

I spent the first years of elementary school enrolled in a French school.  Continue reading


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