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Hitting the Mid-Century Mark and the 2013 HealthBuddies Challenge!

I can’t believe I’m going to complete my fifth decade of living. I definitely don’t act like I’m 50 and I know, thanks to my Filipino heritage, I sure don’t look like I’m 50.  I’ve never really looked my age; I remember once telling a male colleague that I was 43 years old and his jaw hit the ground.  I think he had just passed int0 his 30s– made me feel good, ya know? Continue reading



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The Best Toffee in the World…for the Best Husband in the World!

Today is my and Kurt’s 12th wedding anniversary.  Of course, with all the Ken activities in the beginning of the week, that means we’re not actually going to have our celebratory fine dining experience until the weekend.  We’re going to our favorite seafood restaurant–  Black Salt.  Continue reading


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