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When You Want Something Besides Hamburger…Bolognese Sauce!

I bought two 1-lb packs of organic ground beef over the weekend because I was with Ken and he was rushing me.  I buy organic ground beef because my friend Linda mentioned at one of the Mommy Dinners, the video circulating the internet about “pink slime.”  Ew.  Continue reading


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Heading towards those New Year Resolutions with Lighter Fare

For Christmas, Kurt and I decided to invest in a good elliptical machine to get in shape in 2013.  My friend Katherine and her husband Jason run (well, at least Jason runs, Katherine is about to have their first child in January); Continue reading


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Bucatini all’amatriciana and Our Christmas Tree (at last)

I’ve been a little slow getting Christmas decorating underway.  When the mommies came for dinner last week, I was still only partially decorated, with storage bins in the music room; I did manage to decorate most of the mantel and the dining room since that’s where we would be for the evening. Continue reading


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Lighter Fare, Tuscan-style

During the summer of 2008, we took an extended family vacation to the Tuscany region of Italy.  By extended, I mean multi-generational– my husband Kurt, my son Ken, my mother Tecla, my sister Tina, her husband Jeff and Jeff’s mom Lynn.  We rented Continue reading

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Mushrooms and Mascarpone!

Last night, I knew I wanted to make a pasta dish and was leaning towards Giada’s orecchiette with cannellini beans and sausage, which is one of Kurt’s favorites.  Grace calls it “the dish Kurt can eat out of the pan.”  The sauce is made from mascarpone mixed in with a little pasta water.  Yes, pasta water.  Continue reading

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DANGER, Will Robinson!

I posted the title above on my Facebook account because this afternoon I made these to-die-for S’mores Bars.  I wasn’t planning to blog about them, because it’s a ridiculously easy dessert, but they are so good, that I’ll include the recipe here as well as a photo.  Continue reading

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