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Cheese, Please!

On Christmas, I served homemade pate’ de campagne– a chunky flavorful pork-fest.  By pork-fest, I mean ground pork, finely minced bacon, and strips of ham steak, all mixed together with seasonings and a good glug of cognac, then packed into a loaf pan, lined with– what else?– strips of bacon.  Continue reading

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Just for Amy…plus a nod to Minnie!

Today I decided to make a canned-soup-and-mayo recipe just for Amy, since she asked.  I’ve known Amy since I was nine– which means for 40 years.  She was my first friend when I moved from a private co-ed French school to a private all-girls Catholic school run by an order of sisters.  She claims she is a hopeless cook, but Continue reading

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Healthy Can Be Tasty!

After the fried food extravaganza last night, namely, fried sweet potatoes and hush puppies (served with melted butter for dipping!) that accompanied the seafood, then the at-home grand finale slice of tunnel of fudge cake, I decided we needed to switch to something lighter aka “low fat” for tonight’s meal. Continue reading


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