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Spring Desserts: Rhubarb (and Strawberry) Crumble – Grace’s Recipe

Rhubarb is one of those food items (officially deemed a “fruit” instead of a vegetable through a 1947 NY law because it was cooked into pies) that I never ate growing up in DC.  Strawberry pie, of course, but rhubarb? Continue reading


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My First Quilting Expo With Amy!

Many years ago, I took a quilting class at our Centreville G Street Fabrics; G Street is an old DC sewing store (it was originally on G St until the 80’s).  I made a log cabin quilt top in a day and was hooked.  Continue reading


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French Bread Part 1: Pate Fermentee

This month’s mommy dinner was Saturday, an early kick-off for Mother’s Day!  Continue reading


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70s Comfort Food– Tuna Noodle Casserole

Last night was Ladies’ Night at my mommy dinner gal pal Janice’s house!  Woo hoo!  Continue reading


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“You Girls Were Cackling Away So Long That I Couldn’t Fall Asleep!”

Thus said my husband Kurt this morning.  I totally forgot that he was getting up early (for a Sunday) to go hiking out by Front Royal.  Oops.  The moms were here really late last night…even Ken said he expected “to see some of them asleep at the dining room table,” because we were still going strong when the guys went to bed. Continue reading

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First at Bat: Andrea’s Turkey Chili

Before I started my new career as SAH mom; I was a VP at a small software company.  I became good friends with the VP of Sales and Marketing, Andrea.   Continue reading


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