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When Your Tween Hands You Lemons…Make Broken Heart Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Remember those chocolate Valentine’s Day cookies my son Ken wanted for school?  Yeah, the yummy ones from the Domestic Diva siteContinue reading


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An Exceptional Red Velvet Cake…

I’ve made many a red velvet cake recipe in my day.  The cakes varied in the shade– more or less food coloring and cocoa, and in the type of frosting– boiled vanilla or cream cheese.  However, when I tried this recipe, I stopped searching: I found THE ONE.  Continue reading



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Full-test Chocolate Cookies for Valentine’s Day

My 12 year old son Ken wants to bring in treats for his friends for Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I think this is subterfuge so he can give a treat to whatever girl he happens to like this week. Continue reading

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